Thursday, 15 May 2014

Naked Skin {Review}

It wasn't very long ago that Urban Decay expanded their "Naked Makeup" line to include various face and lip products.  They introduced powders, foundation, concealer, BB creams, lip glosses, lip liners, etc.  

I was interested in the "Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup" in particular, because of it's claims to be a natural medium coverage foundation, which is my style. They offer 18 different shades ranging from .5 all the way to 12; those ending in ".0" have warm undertones (yellow, golden, and olive) and those ending in ".5" have pink and rose undertones for cooler completions.  I'm somewhere in the light/ medium range with warm undertones.  I first bought 3.0 "light shade with golden undertones" and although the undertones were right, it was too fair for my completion and I found it washed me out too much.  I then exchanged it for 4.0 "medium-light, with golden olive undertones"  the shade is perfect, but I find the undertones are a little too "green" or "olive."  So for that reason I wish there was just a 4.0 "golden," something in between the two shades I tried.           

"This formula helps skin achieve a natural, illuminated and bright finish— like the beautiful skin you were born with. Naked Skin is formulated with light-diffusing spheres, transforming you to look professionally retouched. Buildable coverage allows women to customize their look" 

Finish/Texture:  "Matte, never flat, and luminous, but not shiny."  
The best way to describe the finish of this foundation is natural.  I have "normal" dry/ combination skin, where I get shiny only in my t-zone as the day goes on.  Although the product has a liquid consistency, it is not runny or watery.  It's easy to apply evenly and blend out quickly.

Lasting Power:
Without a primer I find it wears throughout the day ( and only fades in the areas where I have the habit to touch my face alot (around my nose, and chin),  I can get a good 7-8 hour of good wear before I find that I want to touch up my t-zone with some sort of powder or skin finish.  With a primer, it lasts a lot longer and I've worn it for up to 10 and 12 hours.  I still use a powder to touch up the areas where I tend to get some shine.   

Beautiful.  The foundation is packaged in a clear sleek pump bottle with dark silver cap and silver lettering up the side. 

$45- for 1 oz of product. 
I purchased mine in my local Sephora, but it is also available at Sephora online and the Urban Decay website

How I Use It:
I dispense 1.5 pumps onto the back of my hand and then buff it into my skin using the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush (read my recent Sigma brush review here)  I then apply a thin layer of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus only to my t-zone before continuing with the rest of my routine; blush, bronzer, etc.  

  • Buildable coverage
  • Easy application
  • A little goes a long way.  Like I mentioned in my last Sigma review, I used to apply it with a Beauty Blender which took 3 pumps to achieve my desired coverage.  Not with my F80 I only use 1.5
  • Beautiful packaging 

  • The vast difference between 3.0 and 4.0, like I said I felt the undertones of 3.0 was perfect and the 4.0 was the correct depth, I feel like if I could mix the two I would have the perfect color match.  The olive isn't terrible but it isn't quite right for me.  
  • Price, I would have been happier spending $25-35 on this foundation.  It won't be a re-purchase for me.

(L) one pump of naked skin foundation (R) blended
Overall: ½
Like I said, I can happily get a full day of comfortable wear from foundation but I find the range of shades is too limiting.  I sometimes mix it with a more neutral toned drugstore foundation to make it a better match.  The finish is beautiful and it despite it's liquid texture it dries quickly and stays put.  Will I spend another $45 to repurchase this when I finish it? No.  But will I enjoy it while it lasts? Absolutely.  

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am just about to finish my bottle of this and I loved it. I have it in the shade 0.5 and it is a perfect match for my porcelain skin. I really love the finish and coverage - its definitely one of the most natural looking foundations I've worn. Great review!

    1. I agree, the finish and coverage where exactly what I was looking for :-) Thanks for your comment Kate!!

  2. I have seen lots of mixed reviews about this foundation and I really want to try it but not buy a full size yet. It is quite expensive and don't want to splash out incase it really doesn't go well on my skin. Lovely post! xxx

    1. If you shop at Sephora keep in mind that you have up to 30 days to try out products and return them! If you find a good color match and your looking for a light summer foundation it might be worth a try! Thanks for reading :)

  3. This looks interesting - not seen it before. Shame about the shades but the packaging is lovely.

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Right?! The packaging is beautiful!
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. I really want to try this, but the lack of spf puts me off! Especially for the price.

    Jane | Blush. Feathers. Lipstick.

    1. I agree actually! I've been looking for a summer foundation with SPF in it.

  5. I've been looking for a good non-powder/non-compact foundation that does not get greasy too quickly, but the price tag is hefty. On the other hand, it would probably last awhile as I don't use foundation every day. Hmmm.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

    1. Might be worth a try! It does stay put for quite a while before it gets shiny :-)
      Thanks for your comment Alex
      Xo, Dani.