Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Lust List: Summer Edition

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer:
This is one of those products that has been on my shopping list forever.  I always swatch it in store, get excited, put it in my basket and then put it back every time, thinking to myself "I'll just get it next time!"  It has a beautiful consistency and is supposed to have the technology in it to diffuse light, and soften your completion.  Retail: $32.00

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish:
I find that my skin always clears up in the summer time; it's amazing what a little sunshine and vitamin D can do for your complexion!  I always like to revamp my skin care routine around this time of year and I'm yet to find an exfoliant that I absolutely love.  First Aid Beauty (FAB) is a brand that's new to me and this facial polish (doesn't that sound fancy?) uses natural exfoliants that are supposed to be gentle enough to use daily.  Sounds to me that it could potentially become a new summer skin care essential.  Retail: $30.00

Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation:
I've been using my Naked Skin Foundation on a daily basis but as the weather gets warmer I think I need something with a natural finish and offers some SPF protection!  I love BB creams and this foundation claims to "combine the benefits of BB and foundation with light to medium coverage and SPF 30"  which sounds pretty damn good to me.  Retail: $41.00

Benefit Gimme Brow:
I love the idea of this product; it's meant to give you a natural brow effortlessly, which I like (who doesn't), and it's waterproof.  I've read some great reviews and I think it would be perfect for summer time when I want to do the bare minimum but still look put together.  Retail: $26.00

Benefit POREfessional:
(Not pictured) This is another one of those products that has been on my shopping list for so long.  I received a sample with purchase from Sephora a hundred years ago and immediately fell in love.  It probably has the best texture out of all the primers I've tried... But it seems that primers are always the things I put off purchasing.  I guess I would rather buy a powder or a foundation than something that goes underneath it.  Retail: $37.00

Have you tried any of these products? What's on your wishlist this season? 

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  1. The NARS concealer as well as the Benefit Brow are two of my FAVORITES! I use them both pretty much anytime I leave the house!



    1. That's so great to hear!! Thanks for reading :-)

  2. I want so many of these especially the Gimme Brow! Great picks

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Gimme Brow and Porefessional are amazing! I love them!
    Angie x

  4. The NARS concealer is on my wishlist too. I just picked up the Benefit Gimme Brow and it is definitely a great product.

  5. Okay - I got a deluxe sample of the First Aid Beauty exfoliant - meh. I would save up the extra money to put down for the Glamglow exfoliant mask. Also got a deluxe sample of the Buxom show some skin - two thumbs up. It gives great coverage without being heavy. Def splurge. I have a sample of Pore Professional I haven't tried yet. Gimme Brow is on my list. Drat this spending ban! But, can you see why I am on a ban? I have soooo many generous samples from all of my beauty purchases, that I have yet to try!!!! ugh!!!

    1. Really?! I have the Glam Glow Supermud and Tinglexfoliant masks! They're great.. But I don't use them much; partially because they're so expensive, and they make SUCH a big mess when I rinse them off my face. We're talking mud everywhere!
      I'm excited about the Buxom foundation, and the Gimme Brow. I really suck at spending bans. You win, haha!

  6. Gimme Brow has SAVED ME!! I have sparse blondish eyebrows and the product is seriously phenomenal. I recommend it to everyone!!

    1. Excellent! I have similar brows so it's definitely something I'm gonna be picking up soon!