Wednesday, 5 November 2014

MAC Nymphette vs. NARS Orgasm {Dupe!}

If you've read my blog before you know I love the color gold.  Love.  And another one of my favorite colors is peach, so put the two together and naturally you will create the most beautiful shade of lip gloss ever.  Since I love these colors so much I sometimes find that I have very similar products in my collection...

Nymphette was the first gloss I ever bought from MAC and it's still one of my favorites.  Its the perfect top over almost any pinky/ nude lipstick and yet beautiful on its own as well.  

NARS Orgasm blush is a cult favorite.  So much so they extended their Orgasm line to include an illuminator, lip gloss, nail polish, and one of their famous multiples.  When they reformulated their lipglosses and Sephora offered a deluxe sample of their Orgasm gloss as a Beauty Insider 100 Point Perk, so naturally I snatched it up.  Once I brought it home, swatched it next to Nymphette and found their almost exact dupes for each other.  If you own one you probably don't need the other.  

Direct Comparisons

MAC Nymphette
NARS Orgasm

Nymphette is a true peach color with finely milled gold micro glitter running through it.
Orgasm is more of a pinky- coral (so a tad brighter) with the same gold micro glitter.
Like most MAC glosses Nymphette is quite sticky, but the stickier the gloss the longer the wear time. 
Orgasm has a much smoother and silkier texture.
That delicious MAC vanilla smell but a more muted glossy version.
I can’t really place the scent here.  It smells to me like that generic lip gloss scent. 
$18 CDN
$29 CDN
MAC counters, stores, and online
NARS counters, Sephora, and online

MAC Nymphette, NARS Orgasm
MAC Nymphette, NARS Orgasm

What do you think?  Dupe or not?  Have you tried either of these glosses?

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

{Halloween 2014}

I hope everyone had a fun (and safe) Halloween this weekend! 
I absolutely love Halloween (or any opportunity to dress up really) so I wanted to share with you my two Halloween looks this year, from Thursday and Friday night.
Halloween 1.0 Rosie the Riveter
My WWII pin-up girl was probably the easiest costume I've ever put together.  Denim on denim, big lashes, red lips.  Check!
Gotta love Snapchat
For the eyes, I used mostly shadows from my Lorac Pro palette (which continues to be one of my favs btw) as well as the MAC Naked pigment.  I wore a limited edition MAC lipstick in Ruby from the Pedro Lourenco collection, topped with the MAC Viva Glam Rihanna gloss
Halloween 2.0 Leopard
I think I've been some form of cat for Halloween every year for the last four years.  This year, however, I took things to another level.  HEAD-TO-TOE leopard print.  It. Was. The. Best. 
My BFF Jill (Sandra Dee for the evening) and I

I used an angled liner brush and a pot of Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner to create the spots on my face, and color in my kitten nose.  For the eyes, I used another MAC pigment in Museum Bronze (a color I'm now obsessed with) all over the lid and then went to town with MAC Global Glow MSF all over my face; as a contour, blush, to blend out the pigment on my lid.  Finally, I used a MAC glitter in Gold and a little Fix+ to fill in each of the spots with glitter and highlight the inner corners of my eyes.   

In these photos I am wearing a Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry, but I swapped it for MAC Twig to achieve a more brown nude.  I also wore the same pair of Ardell 106 Fashion Lashes in both looks, which were fab and made me feel like Barbie. 

What were you this Halloween??

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lorac PRO {The Original}

Everybody and their mother has been talking about the Lorac Pro Palette 2 and here I am all like "hey everyone take a look at my brand new original Lorac Pro Palette!"... but seriously! How did I miss out on this the first time around?

If you, like me, never picked up the Original Lorac Pro Palette when it was first released, please read for all the reasons and pretty swatches as to why you should now.  

First of all, let me say that since Sephora stopped carrying Lorac, this product (or any other product from Lorac Cosmetics) is not easy to get a hold of if you're a Canadian.  I did find out that it is available on the Kohls website (and they ship internationally through a third party site) but fortunately for me my beautiful friend Karen from KPSays offered to send me the Lorac Pro (and by minor miscommunication also the Lorac Pro 2 haha) all the way from Georgia so I would be lucky enough to get my hands on what is now my new favorite palette.  For those of you in the United States this palette is available at Ulta, the Lorac website, and any other Lorac retailer.  It retails for $42 USD.    

On to the good part...

Let me just say that when I first opened this palette I didn't want to use it. I didn't want to swatch it, or touch it, or ruin it in any way, it is that gorgeous.  

Both Pro palettes house 16 extremely soft, extremely pigmented shadows.  The palette is organized so that the 8 matte shades are lined up along the top row, and 8 shimmer shades along the bottom.  While it is a neutral palette I found there is a great range from the brightest to the deepest of colors. 

The packaging is veryyyy slim, I was actually quite surprised!  It is the same length as the Naked palettes only a little bit taller and half the width (yes, half).  It is a rubberized cardboard palette so I do find that shimmer and powder from the shadows, my fingers, and just regular wear and tear clings to the packaging but can be wiped off easily with a damp towel or makeup remover wipe if you really need to.  Side note: Wouldn't it be nice for all of us OCD organizers if all eyeshadow palettes were the same dimensions? Storage would be a dreammm.

Matte Shades:  Light Pink, Taupe, Cream, White

Matte Shades:  Mauve, Sable, Expresso, Black
Matte Shades:  White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Expresso, Black

Overall, the majority of the shades in this palette are very warm in tone which I absolutely love; shades like Sable, Expresso, Gold, and Garnet stand out to me the most.  However there are  select cooler shades that round it out nicely and make it very versatile; such as Mauve, Pewter, and Slate.  

Shimmer Shades:  Nude, Champagne, Gold, Light Bronze

Shimmer Shades:  Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

Shimmer Shades: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

Like I said, the shadows themselves are extremely soft, pigmented, and easy to blend.  They're especially easy to work with if you're a novice such as myself.  But because they're so soft they can make a small mess of the palette (see below) when you dip your brush or fingers into them.  This being said I don't find that there is a lot of fall out while blending these shadows into my eye looks.  With a soft hand a little goes a looong way; if you're generally an aggressive blender, these shadows may not get along with you!  

I've been experimenting a lot with this palette but my favorite look so far is to buff Taupe into the crease (which is actually a really great everyday blending shade), then pack Gold all over the lid.  I then deepen the outer v and crease with Garnet and lined/ smoked out the waterline with a black liner and the shade Black.  This is a look I can see myself replicating a lot, especially as we transition into some cooler months.

Another one of my favorites is to build up the matte brown colors in the crease, starting with Taupe, then moving to Sable,and Expresso and then applying one of the lighter shimmer shades all over the lid.  I just happened to use a mixture of all three.  It's easy to start with just Taupe and Sable in the crease for a more day time appropriate look and then build the intensity up with Expresso to transition into an effortless yet more intense evening/ going out look.

Original Lorac vs. Pro Palette 2

Finally, since Karen did send me both palettes I took the opportunity to snap a side by side comparision.  As you can see the Lorac 2 is much cooler in tone but again has a few warm shades rounding it out like Nectar, Rose, and Cocoa.  While equally beautiful it's too cool for my personal taste so I actually sold it to a friend, which is why I didn't dip my fingers into it as well.

Since this is my first time using any Lorac product and I have to say that I am so disappointed I didn't take advantage of having access to the brand while they were still in Sephora *kicks self* I honestly think that the Pro Palette(s) give the Naked Palettes a run for their money.  The shadows are equally pigmented, and maybe even softer than Urban Decay's formula.  Not to mention that it cost me less to buy and ship the Lorac Pro to my house than what it costs to go to my local Sephora and pick up any one of the Naked palettes ($56CDN bought/shipped vs. $64CDN retail)   Have you tried both?? Which do you prefer?

I want to thank you Karen 100x over for taking the time to send these to me.  
If you can't already tell, I am in love.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Lip Product Addict {Tag}

Happy National Lipstick Day! 

I was recently tagged to do this Lip Product addict tag from the beautiful MJ from MJ in the Sky with Glitter and I thought no better way to celebrate today than with a lipstick related tag; that and a bold lip of course!

1. Favourite Balm / Treatment?

Oh, Burts Bees.  I love their Grapefruit "Refreshing" balm and am nearing the end of my third tube!  One treatment that I'm interested in trying is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne... It's rose gold, need I say more?

2. Best Eye-Catching Red?

I love reds.  But I have to say my most eye-catching would be Viva Glam Rihanna, I talk a little more about it here but the frosted finish is stunning.  Paired with the Viva Glam Riri Lipglass and were talking ruby-red perfection.  

3. Best Luxury & Best Drugstore?

When I think "luxury" cosmetics I think Chanel, I think Tom Ford, Dior and YSL.  None of which I own... So as for my most expensive lipsticks (which also happens to be one of my favorites) I have Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Bumbleberry.  It's formula is incredibly buttery and moisturizing and fades of evenly and naturally.  Bumbleberry is a deep "my lips but better" shade that I love for everyday.  Not to mention the sleek gold packaging feels very luxurious.  

Too Faced Bumbleberry

Best of the drugstore is easy!  Revlon Matte Balms have one of my favorite formulas; matte but not drying and extremelyyyyy pigmented.  Plus a lot of the colors in the Matte Balm line are dupes for popular MAC mattes as well.

Revlon Matte Balms (L) swatched next to popular MAC mattes.  More information here

4. Best MAC Lipstick?

Fabby is my most used color.  It's a mauve pink with pink frost- and a little transformer.  Put a nude colored gloss on it and it's the most beautiful neutral.  Put a pink toned gloss on it and you have a wearable light(ish) pink lip.  If you love the look of light pinks on others but aren't exactly comfortable wearing them yourself Fabby is definitely a shade you should look in to.  Perfect to live in your purse. 

Fabby swatched next to, then layered with Revlon Colorburst in Crystal Violet, taken from my Lip Duo Tag

5. The Most Disappointing?

For this category MJ chose the EOS lip balms, and I think I have to agree.  They're so cute and my favorite scents (Honey Dew and Sweet Mint) are always on my bedside table and in my bathroom but they aren't nearly as moisturizing as they could/ should be.  

6. Liner - Yes or No?

I love liner, but is it ideal for everyday? Probably not.  So as a general rule if I'm wearing a bold red, or deep berry color I will always have liner because it makes it more low maintenance and prevents the color from bleeding.  For more natural colors I usually skip the liner but do have a fav nude for those days when I want to take the extra step.  

7. Best gloss?

Yummmm, NYX Butterglosses, everybody's favorite gloss.  My favorite shade is Tiramisu (especially over Fabby)  I don't think theres anything I can say that hasn't already been said; they're buttery, soft, non-sticky, and affordable.  

8. Something extra!

Not everyday, not every week, but every so long my lips desperately need a good scrub!  I did invest in the Fresh Cosmetics sugar lip scrub but then did a little DIY science experiment and found that I could make a great one in my own kitchen.  So although I won't be repurchasing the Fresh one, I do enjoy using it in the meantime.  

Scrubbing and exfoliating your lips will remove any dead skin from the surface of your lips which will allow them to absorb moisture better, your lipstick to apply smoother and improve the overall condition of your lips.  Which we all need every once in a while!  If you're interested in my DIY pursuit you can read it here.  

Aaaand that's all I have to say! Thank you for reading, hopefully you learned something or discovered a great new product that you're curious to try now! Remember to bust out a bright pink or red lip this afternoon and celebrate National Lipstick day with a fun color choice!

If you're interested in doing this tag, please do so! I tag the following ladies and all of you as well:

Karen (KP Says)

Jasmine (Jasmine McRae)

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Monday, 28 July 2014


Here I am... Late again with another #Bloggersdoitbetter post.  Sometimes I'm too busy for my own good.

The topic we were given was Lifestyle...and I thought there would no better time to kick my butt into gear and write my "About Me" section for my blog! Please check it out and let me know what you think! 

Took me long enough to write it... That's for sure!

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Monday, 21 July 2014

{NEW} Makeup Geek Blushes

On June 15th this year, Makeup Geek released thirteen brand new permanent blushes in their line; each one of them uniquely beautiful. There are four shimmer shades and nine mattes in the collection.  Since my love  affair with MUG Eyeshadows I couldn't pass them up, so only three days after the launch I chose three of the warmer peachy shades; Bliss, Romance, and Infatuation.  The collection is so diverse and honestly has a shade (or three!) for everyone.  See/shop the entire collection here

Claims: "Perfect for every skin tone these blushes are made with only the finest ingredients, as they blend effortlessly into the skin for a natural radiance. Talc free, cruelty free, and made in the 
U. S, these finely milled powders guarantee a creamy, smooth consistency that glides onto cheeks and blends with ease. The fade proof formula promises long lasting color and the rich pigmentation offers a buildable custom shade every time."

Finish/Texture:  Bliss and Infatuation are both considered matte shades, but remind me more of a satin as they have a very natural and skin like finish whereas Romance has a beautiful shimmer throughout it.  All three have an unbelievably silky, soft texture just as they claim.  But because they're so soft, and similar to some of the eye shadows, there can be fall out if you're too aggressive with your brush so I definitely recommend using a light hand! 

Price/Availability:  You can purchase these blushes on the Makeup Geek website either in a pan for $9.99 or a compact for $12.99.  I chose to order the compacts because it's easier to throw them in a bag and take them with me on the go (and also because Infatuation was already sold out in a compact and the OCD part of me couldn't bring herself to order two pans and one compact LOL)

Packaging:  This being said I'm actually glad I chose to go with the compacts.  The compacts themselves are a sleek gunmetal gray.  For a size reference, the pans are the exact same size as a MAC blush pan but the MUG packaging is about half the width.    

Pigmentation: I cannot rave enough about the quality of MUG products.  The swatch below is only one swipe of my finger, and when blended out they're so easy to build up.

How I Used It:
Bliss is a true peach shade.  I've been wearing this swept over the apples of my cheeks and brushed back into my temples.  I've never had a shade this color and it gives the perfect balance of pinched color and warmth to the face.
Romance has been compared over and over to the infamous NARS Orgasm. To quote Jaclyn Hill it's "Orgasm on steroids!"  It's absolutely beautiful, again on its own, or what's even better is pairing it with Bliss and using it as a highlight shade focusing on the top of the cheek bones.
Infatuation is a gorgeous terra cotta shade which is unlike any other blush or bronzer in my collection.  It creates a gorgeous warm, bronzed flush on the cheeks which I am loving this summer but on fairer skin tones could be used as a contour shade as well.  Infatuation has the softest texture of the three, so I do expiration the most fall out with this shade.  

Bliss, Romance, Infatuation

Bliss, Romance, Infatuation (blended)

  • Beautiful finish
  • Silky texture
  • Bold pigmentation
  • My only dislike for the compact form of these blushes in that the actual pan seems very loose within the compact.  On the website it says "they are designed to open easily and also easy to de-pot in case you want to put the blush in a palette" so they may be loose to make them easier to depot.  This being said I chose the compact because I didn't want to depot them.  But we'll see!  
  • The fall out.  I debated whether or not to even include this as a dislike because I find it is give and take when a product is so incredibly soft.  

I am yet to be disappointed with a Makeup Geek product and these blushes are no exception.  I've been reaching for them every single day since they arrived.  I can not wait to see what Makeup Geek has in store for the future!

10/10, do recommend!

Did you pick up any of the new MUG blushes?  Are any shades on your wishlist?

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Brunette to Blonde {Professional Advice for Taking Care of Color Treated Hair}

In just 14 months I went from having very few highlights, to blonde, and blonde, and blonder, to having hot pink ombre.  Once the pink faded a DIY hair coloring went wrong left me with gray hair.  I kid you not, it was gray, and I cried real tears.  It took almost a week to get an appointment to fix it, so you could say I learned my lesson the hard way.  Then on top of that, in order to color correct the damage I had done I had to go a very dark brunette color, which wasn't what I wanted but simply what had to be done.

I let the color fade for almost a year, getting regular hair cuts, until I was finally ready and my hair was healthy enough to start the process of going lighter again.  At this point all the blonde I previously had in my hair was showing through and the overall color was very brassy (see photo below).  If I learned just one thing throughout the entire experience it was that I wanted a color that was low maintenience and natural.  


Now I love my hairdresser, I trust her completely and I am never disappointed when leaving her chair.  This time around she took almost 4 inches off the ends and lightened them to a beautiful honey color.  I asked her to do an interview with me on the process of lightening your hair and how important it is/ how exactly to take care of it. I was thrilled when she agreed!    

How would you describe the technique you used to create this ombre look? 
To create the ombre, I used a balayage technique with lightener, a bowl, and a brush. My foil placement was in 1 and a half inch sections apart leaving potions of the previous color to create a very natural sun kissed look.

What is the importance of toning your hair?
When it comes to toning, it is a very important part to creating a finished look. Whenever there is lightener involved, it is taking the pigment out of the hair shaft. Toning is using a color to put pigment back into that lightened portion of hair. It helps keep the desired look for a longer period of time. Toning is not necessarily always used, however in most cases of lightening, and in the ombre look that I did, toning was a necessary step in achieving the desired look.  

**Side note: it is recommended that blondes tone their hair at home at least once a week using a purple shampoo such as Joyco Color Endure Violet Shampoo which will prevent your hair from turning any bronzey/ orange tones !

What products would you recommend in order to maintain color treated hair?
When it comes to color treated hair it is very important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is safe for color treated hair; mostly all salon products now are safe for color treated hair. Wella Brilliance for both fine and course hair, AG Color Care, and Redken Color Extend are just a few good examples of these products. The importance of this is that when shampooing and conditioning the hair, the color is continually being washed out, or in other terms, its fading. A lot of people do not understand that products used at home is one of the main reasons of color fading. I think of hair as an investment, if you're going to invest the time and money on coloring your hair, then you want to invest in the products that will continue the care at home. This will result in your look lasting longer.

How much is too much?  How often can you color your hair and how much time do you recommend waiting between touchups?
When it comes to color, retouches often differ from client to client but normally a recommended time frame is anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Anything more often then that can result in unwanted damage.

How often do you recommend getting a hair cut?
Haircuts are necessary to keeping the hair looking healthy and fresh. A good time line for women's haircuts are anywhere between 3-4 months. For men's hair cuts it is often a lot sooner, such as 1-2 months, as the haircut loses its shape a lot faster.

-Tianna Nagy, Chatters Salon Mayfair Mall, (250) 386- 1366

I want to thank Tianna again not only for my beautiful hair but also taking the
 time out of her busy life to do this interview with me! ❤  

How do you care for your color treated hair?

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Monday, 14 July 2014

{Sephora Favorites} Lash Stash To Go

I love trying new mascaras, but nothing bothers me for than spending money on a product that I think is going to be fantastic... Just be disappointed.  Insert the Lash Stash To Goa Sephora promotion I swear by and what I believe to be the best value for high end mascara you can find!

"Lashstash To Go [retails for $30CDN and] includes five beloved, must-try mascaras for thicker-looking, voluminous, and perfectly separated lashes. From the ultranourishing, to the long-wearing, and from the multidimensional to the blackest black, each luxurious formula builds voluptuous perfection. Try them all, pick your favorite, and then bring the enclosed voucher to your local Sephora store to redeem for a full-size version."

Too Faced Better Than Sex "An intensely black, volumizing mascara with an hourglass-shaped brush that separates, coats, and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection"
This is my second mini tube of this mascara and it is one of my all time favorites.  I actually went in to buy a full size version when I found the Lash Stash instead.  The wand has an hourglass shape that creates thick, beautiful, black, voluminous lashes and builds really easily. Retail: $30.00

Lancome Hypnose Drama "The ultimate instant-volume mascara for lash drama."
Hypnose Drama is also a volumizing mascara but I found it to have a very wet formula.  The wand is curved and tapered which makes application on those itty bitty lashes easy, but also messy if you're not careful.  The color is "excessive black" and that it is!  Perfect for thick, dramatic, voluminous lashes.  Retail: $31.50

Blinc Inc. Mascara "The famous pioneering, tube-technology water-resistant mascara."
I can honestly say that this is my least favorite mascara out of the five.  I found it messy to apply and apposed to tubing individual lashes, it gripped small bundles and tubed them all together which gave me a look as if I had applied mascara and then cried immediately after.   Plus, in order to remove it I ended up literally pulling tubes off of my lashes.  Which I did not like!  Retail: $30.00

Bare Minerals Lash Domination  "A do-it-all mascara for larger-than-life lashes."
This is the only mascara in the collection with a plastic wand, which I don't usually gravitate towards.  The wand is chubby and twisted in it making it perfect for the "twist in blink" application method and getting close to the root of you lash.     Retail: $23.00

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes "A lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara."
This is a great go- to mascara.  I wouldn't say it gives incredible length but a good combination of subtle length and full buildable volume.  A deluxe sample this size retails for $12.00 Full size retail: $24.00

I can honestly say it's been a really long time since I've owned any full size mascara.  I guess I would rather have five minis than one full size!  I find that deluxe samples last a really long time and considering that mascara is supposed to go bad after three months they're the perfect size to allow you to use up the product before it gets sticky or dries up!

I am still undecided but will probably opt for a full size of Better Than Sex or Lights, Camera, Lashes when I'm ready to redeem my voucher.  The best part is it doesn't expire- just make sure you don't lose it!

  Have you tried any of the mascaras included in the Lash Stash To Go?  
Is this a promotion you'd be interested in? 

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

Younique is a cosmetic company based almost entirely online with individual presenters selling products through various social media outlets.  Their collection ranges from highlight and contour products, lip glosses, pigments, the most talked about 3D Fiber Mascara, and so much more. 

Recently Kristin from was kind enough to send me a package of Younique products to test and try out.  I was sent a monthly promotional package that included (of course) the Moonstruck Fiber mascara, Lucrative Lipgloss in the shade Luxe, and Moonstruck Pigments in both Angelic and Confidence.

Left to right: Angelic wet, Angelic dry, Confidence wet, Confidence dry
Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Powder: These loose pigments ended up being my favorite products in the bundle!  Their main ingredient is Mica, which is a mineral that gives them their shimmer.  They're extremely buttery and easy to blend into other shadows.  Angelic (left) is a creamy butter yellow color, whereas Confidence (right) reminds me of a duo chrome; brown in some lights but also reflecting gold in others. They apply like a dream when used dry but mixed with a little Fix+ become even more intensely pigmented.  

What's most impressive about these pigments is their longevity, after a six hour restaurant shift my eye makeup looked as it did when I had began.  I'm excited to play around a little more with them and maybe try applying Confidence wet (with a small liner brush) to create a wearable day time wing. Retail: $10.00 each

Lucrative Lipgloss:  If you aren't a fan of sticky glosses then you will love the formula of these lip glosses; they're soft and comfortable on the lips (they're chalk full of moisturizing/ softening ingredients!)  I found on it's own the gloss lasted about an hour before I wanted to reapply.  My only complaint about the lip gloss is actually the packaging.  I love that it has a mirror, similar to the Whitening Lightening glosses but the plastic is so lightweight it's almost nothing and the material of the actual applicator has a stiff fuzzy texture that feels funny on the lips.  Retail: $15.00

3D Fiber Mascara
Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes:  Finally, the most anticipated fiber mascara.  It comes packaged in a beautiful black case with two tubes, one of "Transplating Gel" and the other of "Natural 3D Fibers" which are made from green tea!  Application instructions say to first apply one coat of your favorite mascara (it's recommended you use a lengthening one), then gel, fiber, gel, repeat, until you reach your desired look. However, with Kristin's advice I skipped the first coat of mascara and went immediately in with the transplanting gel.  She also recommended I do one eye at a time which I found made application a lot easier and prevented the gel from drying before you can adhere the fibers.

I won't lie to you, it takes a minute to get the hang of application as it can get messy! But this is the mascara I now reach for when I'm going out and want to fake a false lash look.  It gives big, thick, long lashes that are way easier to apply than falsies!  The best part is that if you seal the fibers properly with a good coat of the transplanting gel they will not budge; not a flake, even if you're out dancing and sweaty (I don't lie to you here- this is real life stuff!)  You can build the fibers on top of each other until you reach the thickness and length you're going for (I used two coats).  And finally, if you aren't a fan of thicker "clumpy" lashes, go in immediately with a  lash comb when the gel is still damp and comb them out. Retail: $29.00

Have you heard of these Younique products?  Are they something you're interested in trying?

Thank you so much to Kristin for giving me the opportunity to try and review these products!
If anyone has any additional questions or is interested in purchasing any of the products 
mentioned above you can contact Kristin at or 
visit her website at

Please note the thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own and have not influenced in
 any way by any third party advertisers or individuals.

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Monday, 7 July 2014

#BLOGGERSDOITBETTER: Dream Vanity and Organization Inspiration

Those who know me already know that I have a major makeup storage issue!  

If I had it my way I would have a small makeup room where I could get ready in the morning, blog, and maybe even do my homework during the school year.  My own little space!  However, since living in a small apartment doesn't really give me this option I am taking baby steps in order to create the space I want.  

I currently store my makeup on the floor *gasp* haha, but I'm telling the truth, this is real life!  I keep most of products cluttered around the base of a floor length mirror where I sit on the floor and get ready.  Then the majority of my lip products are in a small organizer and crammed into a few empty candle jars on top of the smallest IKEA dresser you've ever seen.  It's a tragedy.  

When I have the opportunity (and cash flow) to do so I am going to re-do my space and invest in a vanity, some decor, and most importantly organization.  Below I have included some Instagram photos that serve as inspiration for what I would love my space to be. 

In a perfect world I would have cute prints; have you seen Joanna Pop's work on Instagram?! To die for, and she's Canadian!  large framed mirror and great lighting (of course).  I would have a large white desk, drawers or no drawers it wouldn't matter because sitting on top of it would be a *drumroll please* Original Beauty Box! Which I am ordering soon! Woo hoo!  As well as an acrylic lipstick organizer, and a large stylish tray with all my fragrance sitting pretty inside. 

Like I said the first step I am taking is ordering an Original Beauty Box but I am still deciding between the Original (four drawer) and Deluxe (five drawer, shown above) sizes!  Which do you think I should order?  

I'll have to wake up from my day dream now! I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to know how do you like to store your makeup? What does your dream vanity look like?

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