Thursday, 10 July 2014

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

Younique is a cosmetic company based almost entirely online with individual presenters selling products through various social media outlets.  Their collection ranges from highlight and contour products, lip glosses, pigments, the most talked about 3D Fiber Mascara, and so much more. 

Recently Kristin from was kind enough to send me a package of Younique products to test and try out.  I was sent a monthly promotional package that included (of course) the Moonstruck Fiber mascara, Lucrative Lipgloss in the shade Luxe, and Moonstruck Pigments in both Angelic and Confidence.

Left to right: Angelic wet, Angelic dry, Confidence wet, Confidence dry
Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Powder: These loose pigments ended up being my favorite products in the bundle!  Their main ingredient is Mica, which is a mineral that gives them their shimmer.  They're extremely buttery and easy to blend into other shadows.  Angelic (left) is a creamy butter yellow color, whereas Confidence (right) reminds me of a duo chrome; brown in some lights but also reflecting gold in others. They apply like a dream when used dry but mixed with a little Fix+ become even more intensely pigmented.  

What's most impressive about these pigments is their longevity, after a six hour restaurant shift my eye makeup looked as it did when I had began.  I'm excited to play around a little more with them and maybe try applying Confidence wet (with a small liner brush) to create a wearable day time wing. Retail: $10.00 each

Lucrative Lipgloss:  If you aren't a fan of sticky glosses then you will love the formula of these lip glosses; they're soft and comfortable on the lips (they're chalk full of moisturizing/ softening ingredients!)  I found on it's own the gloss lasted about an hour before I wanted to reapply.  My only complaint about the lip gloss is actually the packaging.  I love that it has a mirror, similar to the Whitening Lightening glosses but the plastic is so lightweight it's almost nothing and the material of the actual applicator has a stiff fuzzy texture that feels funny on the lips.  Retail: $15.00

3D Fiber Mascara
Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes:  Finally, the most anticipated fiber mascara.  It comes packaged in a beautiful black case with two tubes, one of "Transplating Gel" and the other of "Natural 3D Fibers" which are made from green tea!  Application instructions say to first apply one coat of your favorite mascara (it's recommended you use a lengthening one), then gel, fiber, gel, repeat, until you reach your desired look. However, with Kristin's advice I skipped the first coat of mascara and went immediately in with the transplanting gel.  She also recommended I do one eye at a time which I found made application a lot easier and prevented the gel from drying before you can adhere the fibers.

I won't lie to you, it takes a minute to get the hang of application as it can get messy! But this is the mascara I now reach for when I'm going out and want to fake a false lash look.  It gives big, thick, long lashes that are way easier to apply than falsies!  The best part is that if you seal the fibers properly with a good coat of the transplanting gel they will not budge; not a flake, even if you're out dancing and sweaty (I don't lie to you here- this is real life stuff!)  You can build the fibers on top of each other until you reach the thickness and length you're going for (I used two coats).  And finally, if you aren't a fan of thicker "clumpy" lashes, go in immediately with a  lash comb when the gel is still damp and comb them out. Retail: $29.00

Have you heard of these Younique products?  Are they something you're interested in trying?

Thank you so much to Kristin for giving me the opportunity to try and review these products!
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  1. beautiful shadows! the coppery ones I am drooling over. I am dying to try that mascara!!! thanks for the review!!


    1. They're gorgeous aren't they!
      Glad you enjoyed it :-)

  2. I love clumpy!!! Beautiful pics Dani! Those pigments look amaze!!!

    1. So do I! I don't consider it "clumpy" just... voluminous, haha.

  3. gorgeous pigment shades! ive heard alot about these 3d fiber mascaras, i really want to pick one up!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. oooh, I would love to try these!