Thursday, 29 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

The hype around MAC's latest summer collection has been unavoidable and it's easy to see why.  The entire collection consists of nude colors with limited edition packaging that is beyond gorgeous; metallic teal textured with 3D water droplets. 

It was released online May 15th and in stores one week ago today (May 22nd).  I arrived at my local MAC store at 11:00 am the day of it's release and items were already sold out! The sales associate mentioned that people were lined up at the door to get in when they opened at 9am (you crazy makeup junkies!)  

There are two parts of the Alluring Aquatic collection; "color" and "face", also released were two unique split fibre makeup brushes (a 233 eye shadow brush, a 127 face brush) and a medium size makeup bag.

"Sirens of the deep inspire an aquascape of shades, as waves of tarnished olive, seafoam and darkened plum surrender to water’s enticing spirit. Sultry eyes take on a subtle radiance, while luminous Extra Dimension Blush washes over cheeks, creating a goddess glow. Under the sea, nails glisten in aquatic chrome and metallic Nail Lacquer, as Lipstick, Lipglass and Lip Pencil dive deep into colour. Limited-edition teal packaging, dramatically accented with sheer water droplets."

Left to right: Mystical, Water Deities, Black Line

Mystical: "Midtone creamy rose"
Mystical is the perfect my lips but better color; soft and subtle.  It's a cremesheen formula which is my favorite for during the day, and perfect for when all you want to wear is a couple coats of mascara and a lippie.

Water Deities: "Light bronzey pink"
If you're familiar with MAC Nymphette this gloss is somewhat similar.  A gorgeous peachy rose gold but with more bronze and silver tones in it versus Nymphette's gold tones.  I've been loving this color gloss this season.  It also reminds me of NARS Orgasm lipgloss (I have a post in the works comparing Orgasm and Nymphette!)

Black Line: "Black with gold pearl"
Black Line is a "Pearl Glide Intense" eyeliner, and my first ever MAC liner!  The texture is unbelievably soft. It's described on the website as a "black with gold pearl" but in my opinion it is an dark forest green liner with gold flecks.  It's beautiful.  It reminds me of my old favorite Arbonne eyeliner in "Olive" but the texture is a lot smoother, thus easier to work with.  I like using dark green toned liners apposed to blacks because I find them less harsh and that it compliment on my blue eyes.  

"Bronzing Powders and Extra Dimension Bronzer in gentle, pearlized shades set skin aglow for summer. Limited-edition compacts in aquatic teal are dramatically accented with crystal clear droplets. Anticipate waves of adoration when carrying the coordinated chic, teal clutch, with a texturized water droplet finish and translucent sides in aqua."

Left to right: Mystical, Water Deities, Black Line, Refined Golden

Refined Golden: "Finely spun golden with soft pearl"
This was actually the first MAC product I ever bought.  I went through two because I used to use it every day but when I ran out around Christmas last year I never repurchased it for a third time (I replaced it with NARS Laguna instead)  So when I saw it repackaged in the teal packaging I couldn't help but buy it one last time.  Its a dark warm brown with tiny gold flecks throughout it.  In the summer months I love a bronzer with shimmer in it because I think a little sparkle looks gorgeous with a tan.

233 Split Fibre Eyeshadow Brush: "Small, paddle-shaped flat brush ideal for applying and laying down product on the eyelid.  Features a split of natural and synthetic fibres that deliver two unique results"
The final item I picked up from the collection is something I'm really excited about.  This brush is a flat eyeshadow brush with natural hairs on one side, and synthetic on the other.  I was talking to the sales associate and she said she uses the synthetic side for cream products (like a paint pot or eyeshadow primer) and then flips it over and uses the softer natural side for blending everything out.

Did you pick up anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection or pass this time around?

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Color Your Smile Lipgloss Bouquet {Review}

Recently Jaclyn Hill teamed up with cosmetic company Whitening Lightening to create the "perfect rose gloss" which she appropriately named Rose Hill. When she announced that it was available online, I had another fan girl moment (much like when I ordered her Sigma brush kit) where I paused the video, and instantly placed an order.

You can order Jaclyn's gloss on it's own, or order a bundle for a discounted price.  I chose the "lip gloss bouquet" which features Rose Hill along with three other of Jaclyn's favorite lipglosses from the Color Your Smile line.  It was only $11 more to get the four gloss bundle than it would be for me to order just Rose Hill and Nude (another gloss I was interested in).    

Left to right: Pink Tiara, Nude, Coral Craze, Rose Hill

Jaclyn Hill Lip Gloss Bouquet:
Rose Hill: "Jaclyn’s perfect rose gloss"
This is definitely one of my favorites in the bouquet.  It's the perfect balance between warm pink and red.  I like to wear it when I'm out and about because it gives a nice flush of color without being too much of a bold red for day time.    

Pink Tiara: "a sophisticated and sultry baby pink"
Pink Tiara is the only gloss in the collection I'm a little unsure about.  It's a very pale, blue based pink which I usually steer far away from.  This being said, since it's a gloss it seems to be more wearable than an opaque lipstick.  Karen, from KPsays, describes it as a "pepto bismol pink" which is a spot on color description, but hopefully I will find a way to make it work this summer!

Coral Craze: "a sun-drenched peachy nude"
I'm so excited to wear this over my favorite "Coral Bliss" lipstick from MAC.  It's one of those beautiful peachy pink corals that is perfect for this time of year.  I find with my warm complexion that corals suit me better than most pinks.  This gloss was a definite win.

Nude: "a timeless and flawless nude that is a must in every collection."
I've wanted to order this color for a long time so I was excited that it was included in this package.  This nude gloss is talked about so much on YouTube and I now know why.  It's so versatile and wears well on its own, or over almost any lipstick. I also like to wear this layered with Rose Hill for more of a muted rosey lip.

"Our fresh and fun lighted lip gloss has created quite the buzz. COLOR YOUR SMILE Gloss is a highly-pigmented velvety smooth formulation that contains collagen peptides to boost moisture and fullness for the perfect pout. Infused with anti-aging ingredients, this innovation is a luxurious lip product that will make its way into your everyday makeup routine."

Formula/ Pigmentation:
The formula of these glosses is so creamy.  It's comfortable and moisturizing which makes them easy to wear for long periods of time. The pigmentation of these glosses is unreal too.  Each swatch below was completely opaque after just two swipes of the applicator.

Left to right: Rose Hill, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude

Lasting Power:
The longevity of these glosses is another thing I was really impressed with.  I find they last on my lips for around 2 hours before I need to retouch them.

They have a weird "unscented" scent.  They definitely don't smell good, but they don't exactly smell bad... if you know what I mean.

You either love it, or you hate it.  I personally think it's a bit gimmicky. Each gloss has an LED light that turns on every time open it, and a mirror on the side of the square tube.  I will admit, the mirror is handy but I find the light makes it hard to see how much product you're applying.  They say  "our LED light and mirror make it the perfect purse companion for touch ups on an evening out."  However, on the average afternoon out, I really don't have a need for an light up LED lipgloss.  

Online each gloss retails for $24.00, or you can purchase bundles.  Mine was the Jaclyn Hill lipgloss bouquet which cost $59 for four glosses.  But there are a few other bundles also available on the website.  Whitening Lightening constantly has coupon codes offering site wide discounts on their products, so make sure if you place an order you don't pay full price!  If you follow them on Instagram they are always sharing their latest coupon codes that give you discounts ranging from 10-25% off so make sure you take advantage of them!

  • Creamy comfortable formula
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Cute mirror
  • Staying power

  • I really wish the LED light had the option to turn off 
  • Despite my 25% off discount code, these glosses turned out to be more expensive than I expected.  Shipping to Canada was $9.50, and then I also had to pay custom charges when I received my package (another $15.75) 

What I love most about all of these glosses is the quality of the formula.  Between the texture, pigmentation, and longevity you seriously can't go wrong.  However, the light does bug me (I think it's a little tacky) and when I had to pay an additional $15 when I received my package you could say I was a little less than excited.  This is why I probably won't be purchase anything from the Whitening Lightening site in the near future, but overall I am very happy with my lip gloss bouquet.

Have you tried the Color Your Smile lip glosses or any other Whitening Lightening products? 
I'd love to hear what you think!

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

{Top 5} Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

I don't normally post on Sundays but I wanted to introduce a "Top 5" series every second Sunday.  Something short and sweet where I share with you my current favorite bloggers, vloggers, Instagram accounts, etc.

I wanted to start with YouTube because these are the five women that inspired me to start blogging myself (and one day maybe even vlogging)  I watch almost every single one of their videos and even get excited when they upload new ones.  Some of them I'm sure you're familiar with (I've definitely talked about Jaclyn Hill a time or two on my blog) however if you're unfamiliar with any of these girls I highly recommend you check them out; hopefully you'll love them as much as I do!

Jaclyn Hill

What I love about Jaclyn is that she tailors her channel to what she thinks will work for everyone.  She posts beautiful and achievable tutorials, and has such a fun loving personality on camera.  Plus, she recently hit her 1 million subscriber milestone on YouTube!!!

Makeup By Alli

Alli was the first YouTube channel I really got into.  I stumbled across her one night and I think I watched every single one of her videos! She's absolutely beautiful, and I have the biggest hair envy every time I watch her.   What I love about her channel is that she posts such a variety of different videos.  I never get bored, I look forward to Makeup By Alli uploads the most!  

Coffee Break with Dani

Isn't she adorable? I find that Dani is so humble, which I love and respect.  She's always talking about how she's a stay at home mommy and has the cutest son you've ever seen ("Tater says hi!") I also relate to her small shopping problem that she totally admits to (she blames the "coffee break research" I blame the blog!)

Leighann Says

I think Leighann is so funny.  She does what she loves and you can tell that she's just being herself.  I also love her little Texas twang (I've always wished I had one)


Last but not least Casey Holmes! She has the most beautiful hair ever (there's that hair envy again) and I love the way she edits her videos.  They're all unique, but she has a definite style (if that makes any sense at all)

I hope you liked this series and I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Happy Sunday!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lets talk about ZPalettes!

Recently, I did a blog post about my Makeup Geek eye shadows and had them pictured beautifully lined up in a MAC 15 pan palette.  I had said "make sure to stay tuned for a DIY on how to magnetize and organize your palette!"  ...  but I lied.

That's not to say I didn't try to make it happen, I really did- I went to Michael's and bought a sheet of small adhesive magnet squares and when I got home they were too big for the back of the pans (first red flag).  So I cut them down to fit, stuck them on the back of the pans, and popped them into my MAC palette insert aaaaand they did not stick at all.  I was so disappointed!  Even without the insert the magnets barely adhered to the MAC palette itself so instead of going back and trying to find different magnets or placing an order on EBay just to repeat the process I gave up and starting looking into ZPalettes- the "ultimate customizable makeup palette" 

First Thoughts: I hate to say it but the reason I didn't opt for a ZPalette in the first place is because I thought that ZPalettes looked.... cheap.  They are made from recyclable material (so essentially cardboard) and have a hard plastic window.  This being said they come in different patterns and colors ranging from flat black, to hot pink and cheetah print so there really is a style for everyone.  And once I saw them in person I found the "cardboard" they're made of is really durable and high quality; what's even better is that they are not limited to any one product; each palette comes with round metal stickers that you can apply to any product that doesn't come in a magnetic pan.  

Since I am the kind of person who would rather buy things in person in then take a chance and order online- it was lucky for me that I was going to Vancouver for the weekend and there happens to be a small retailer downtown on Robson St.  So I found it- and managed to track down the palettes in person! I bought 1 large to fit all my shadows (with room to grow) and 1 small to travel with (so I can pick out a few, pop them in, and take with me on the go)  As an added bonus everything in that store was 20% off that day!  If you don't have a ZPalette retailer anywhere near you (find all international retailers here) you can purchase them online from the Makeup Geek website and also from

From looking online I had originally planned to buy a black large palette and a hot pink travel one, however since the store I went to had such limited selection I ended up with just the opposite. Let me say... this is so much better than trying to magnetize your MAC palettes.  Don't get me wrong, if you are a DIY Queen and have the skills and tools to do so please do! But in my experience it was too much of a hassle and honestly a let down! My mum always says "work smarter, not harder."

Final Thoughts: Despite my first impression, I learned that these are really high quality palettes! For the purposes of Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans I recommend using a ZPalette over a MAC palette. The MUG pans adhere securely and safely.  Seven fit across the large size palette, and three across in the small palette.  I seriously don't know why I wasn't into magnetic palettes earlier because the convenience level is seriously top notch. Even though ZPalettes do cost a little more initially after I bought $7 magnets (that didn't even work out) they ended up being par with the MAC Pro.  This is why I recommend saving the trip to the craft or dollar store and the work of magnetizing each individual pan and just buying the ZPalettes in the first place!  Obviously for the purpose of MAC products (eyeshadows and blush) using a MAC palette is the way to go.

Direct Comparisons:
Hard black plastic
Recycled materials
Available in a variety of colors and patterns
2 pan w/ insert:  $6
4 pan w/ insert:  $10
15 pan w/insert: $12
Small:       $14
Medium: $17
Large:       $20
Pro:          $25
X-Large:   $28

What products do you keep in your custom palette?  

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Monday, 19 May 2014

#BLOGGERSDOITBETTER: Wearable Orange {A Summer Trend Pictorial}

Since this week's #Bloggersdoitbetter is focusing on trends, I wanted to try and put together my first ever pictorial on what, in my opinion, is a very wearable orange eye look.  This has been my go to look when I want something quick that is achievable in 10 minutes and still looks cute/ put together. 

  1. Prime eye lid with an eye shadow primer.
  2. Apply Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream and Creme Brulee liberally into the crease using a large blending brush.  These colors will act as a transition shade and pull your entire look together when you're finished.  Any warm peachy color close to your skin tone will work.  
  3. Spray Fix+ onto both sides of a shading brush and pack Trick, a warm copper orange from Urban Decay's Naked3, all over the lid.  The Fix+ will create a foiled look, make the pigmentation pop, and help the longevity of the shadow.    
  4. Going in with Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear (a reddish brown) on a pencil brush place it into the crease and the outer v, concentrating the color on the outer third of your eye.  This will give the look some depth.  Then going in with the same fluffy blending brush, blend out any harsh lines or misplaced product from the previous steps.
  5. Using Strange, the matte highlight shade, from the Naked3 palette highlight under the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.  Apply any mascara of your choice and you're done!

OPTIONAL: To take this look up a notch, or transition it easily from daytime to nighttime use the same pencil brush and Cocoa Bear to smoke out the lower lash line.  Use a black gel eyeliner to create winged liner, and apply a shimmer highlight to the inner corner to brighten your eyes more.

I seem to have done a terrible job photographing this look because the photos don't do Trick any justice.  It's a beautiful shadow on it's own, but combined with the Fix+ it becomes such a beautiful bright orange copper. What I think makes this look so wearable is that although the colors are all very warm toned, and well orangey they are still neutrals and compliment each other beautifully.  

Products used/ not mentioned above:
Brushes: Sigma E40, E55, E30  (Read my review here)

Don't forget to check out the other #Bloggersdoitbetter Trend posts being published today/ tomorrow and search the hashtag on Twitter to connect with all the bloggers involved! 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Naked Skin {Review}

It wasn't very long ago that Urban Decay expanded their "Naked Makeup" line to include various face and lip products.  They introduced powders, foundation, concealer, BB creams, lip glosses, lip liners, etc.  

I was interested in the "Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup" in particular, because of it's claims to be a natural medium coverage foundation, which is my style. They offer 18 different shades ranging from .5 all the way to 12; those ending in ".0" have warm undertones (yellow, golden, and olive) and those ending in ".5" have pink and rose undertones for cooler completions.  I'm somewhere in the light/ medium range with warm undertones.  I first bought 3.0 "light shade with golden undertones" and although the undertones were right, it was too fair for my completion and I found it washed me out too much.  I then exchanged it for 4.0 "medium-light, with golden olive undertones"  the shade is perfect, but I find the undertones are a little too "green" or "olive."  So for that reason I wish there was just a 4.0 "golden," something in between the two shades I tried.           

"This formula helps skin achieve a natural, illuminated and bright finish— like the beautiful skin you were born with. Naked Skin is formulated with light-diffusing spheres, transforming you to look professionally retouched. Buildable coverage allows women to customize their look" 

Finish/Texture:  "Matte, never flat, and luminous, but not shiny."  
The best way to describe the finish of this foundation is natural.  I have "normal" dry/ combination skin, where I get shiny only in my t-zone as the day goes on.  Although the product has a liquid consistency, it is not runny or watery.  It's easy to apply evenly and blend out quickly.

Lasting Power:
Without a primer I find it wears throughout the day ( and only fades in the areas where I have the habit to touch my face alot (around my nose, and chin),  I can get a good 7-8 hour of good wear before I find that I want to touch up my t-zone with some sort of powder or skin finish.  With a primer, it lasts a lot longer and I've worn it for up to 10 and 12 hours.  I still use a powder to touch up the areas where I tend to get some shine.   

Beautiful.  The foundation is packaged in a clear sleek pump bottle with dark silver cap and silver lettering up the side. 

$45- for 1 oz of product. 
I purchased mine in my local Sephora, but it is also available at Sephora online and the Urban Decay website

How I Use It:
I dispense 1.5 pumps onto the back of my hand and then buff it into my skin using the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush (read my recent Sigma brush review here)  I then apply a thin layer of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus only to my t-zone before continuing with the rest of my routine; blush, bronzer, etc.  

  • Buildable coverage
  • Easy application
  • A little goes a long way.  Like I mentioned in my last Sigma review, I used to apply it with a Beauty Blender which took 3 pumps to achieve my desired coverage.  Not with my F80 I only use 1.5
  • Beautiful packaging 

  • The vast difference between 3.0 and 4.0, like I said I felt the undertones of 3.0 was perfect and the 4.0 was the correct depth, I feel like if I could mix the two I would have the perfect color match.  The olive isn't terrible but it isn't quite right for me.  
  • Price, I would have been happier spending $25-35 on this foundation.  It won't be a re-purchase for me.

(L) one pump of naked skin foundation (R) blended
Overall: ½
Like I said, I can happily get a full day of comfortable wear from foundation but I find the range of shades is too limiting.  I sometimes mix it with a more neutral toned drugstore foundation to make it a better match.  The finish is beautiful and it despite it's liquid texture it dries quickly and stays put.  Will I spend another $45 to repurchase this when I finish it? No.  But will I enjoy it while it lasts? Absolutely.  

Happy Thursday!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Jaclyn Hill + Sigma Beauty Expert Box

I've been dabbling with the idea of ordering some Sigma brushes for a while, so when Jaclyn Hill came out with her limited edition Expert Beauty Box I couldn't help myself any longer (fan girl over here).  

The kit included seven Sigma brushes which were hand selected by Jaclyn and then sold at a discounted price.  If you watch Jaclyn's YouTube channel you're probably familiar with them because they are brushes she uses in almost every one of her tutorials. Unfortunately, this box isn't available any more but I thought I would still share my thoughts on these much talked about brushes since they can be purchased individually from the Sigma website.   

Face Brushes:

F80 – Flat Kabuki: "This is my all-time favorite brush. I have used this for my foundation application for four years and nothing can compete - this is the secret to flawless skin!" - J.H.

I have never been a fan of using foundation brushes- I was a ride or die Beauty Blender fan BUT I have to hand it to Sigma because after using it just once I was sold. It's so fast to buff your foundation into your skin for even coverage (which I find takes a little more effort with a BB) AND the best part is it actually allows me to use LESS product. For example, with BB application I need 3 pumps of my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and with the F80 I only use 1.5! 

F86 – Tapered Kabuki: "I use this brush for my concealer. It may seem big, but that is what makes it so great! It blends beautifully and quickly because of its size. Its shape allows you to blend effortlessly in the inner corners!"

This is the only brush in my set that I'm not so sure about. While I said I was happier with the F80 for my foundation I strongly believe that there is no better way to blend under eye concealer than with a BB.  However, this brush is synthetic which means it won't absorb product especially like a sponge does which is definitely something to consider. 

F35 – Tapered Highlighter: "I use this to set my under eye concealer AND to highlight my cheekbones. I own two because I go back and forth every day! It’s the perfect size and shape for precision highlighting."

I don't highlight my cheekbones everyday but this brush is perfect for when I do. It applies a powder highlight exactly where I want it whereas before my highlighting skills were a bit hit or miss because I didnt have a brush small enough to do it correctly.  I'm yet to use it to set set eye concealer because *gasp* I don't usually! Buuuut, I am waiting on BareMinerals Well Rested powder to arrive in my mailbox so I will definitely be using this brush to apply it!

Eye Brushes:

E55 – Eye Shading: "This is the best brush for whatever color you choose to put all over your lid. Whether the shadow finish is shimmer, glitter, pigment or matte, this brush will apply the perfect amount of product smoothly and effortlessly."

Before ordering this kit I only had 2 eye brushes. The Urban Decay Naked 3 double ended brush and my tried and true Estée Lauder travel size blending brush which I made work for everything.  I know a dense short bristled packing brush like this should have been a staple in my collection a long time ago but it was worth the wait. I know my mum uses a similar one from MAC but this one is larger which makes it easy to work quickly. The dense hairs pick up just enough product- not too little and not too much.  

E25 – Blending: "Because of the shape and natural hairs of this brush, it can pack on an intense amount of color or a light wash depending on how you choose to use it. It is the ultimate blending brush and necessary for any makeup application!"

Blending brushes are my favorite. They're  big, easy to use, and most importantly soft! This is the smallest blending brush I own and because I'm drawn to using fluffier brushes I've been finding it extremely helpful to have a smaller more condensed one. It makes precise application really easy, especially for the crease, but still gives that flawless blended out appearance you want with your eyeshadow. 

E40 – Tapered Blending: "This is always the final touch! Running this brush over the edge of your eye shadow will guarantee you no harsh lines and a flawless blown out effect. I cannot do my makeup without this brush."

My first thoughts were that this brush was ridiculously large but once again I proved myself wrong. I have used this brush everyday since I received it and it's true that it blends everything out effortless.  This brush quickly escalated to holy grail status.   

E30 – Pencil: "Everyone needs a pencil brush for makeup application. This is used for a variety of things, highlighting the inner corners of the eye, blending out the lower lash line and getting dark colors deep in your outer crease for a smokey look!"

Finally, this is the brush I was most excited about. Without a small pencil brush like this it's almost impossible to smoke out shadow on your lower lash line. It also carves out the outer v like a dream to add depth to any look. 

BONUS: Travel Size E05 Eyeliner Brush

Every month Sigma offers a different bonus gift if you spend $30 or more before shipping. For April it was the eyeliner brush shown above.  May's gift is an E25 white blending brush. 

The quality of these brushes is above par and met every expectation that I had for them. For all the Canadians out there it's good to keep in mind that the charge on your Visa will be converted to Canadian dollars after the purchase is made. Even so, I would be happy to purchase more a Sigma brushes. I've been looking at their precision line, and I also would love the May gift!!

My final note is that if you're planning on ordering any Sigma brushes (or any Sigma product) make sure to take advantage of their 10% off discounts.  This month use "MAY2014".

Do you use Sigma brushes? 
Which are your holy grail brushes and which are on your wish list?

Monday, 5 May 2014

Lush Butterball

My oh my.

I had never used any bath products from Lush so I bought this Butterball a short while ago because I was in need of a little self care... and now a couple weeks later I'm finally getting around to enjoying it.  

"Our vanilla-scented Bath Bomb is anything but boring when you lay back into a cozy white blanket of creamy, buttery froth. This little fizzer is the ultimate in comfort with chunks of creamy cocoa butter; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. Baths can dry your skin if they’re too hot, so if you’re in need of a long, lingering bath pop one of these gorgeous beauties into the tub for a vanilla custard soak to lull you into a deep relaxed state – and leave with sweeter, softer skin."

$4.95 both online and in store

How I Used It:
I ran a warm bath and dropped the entire bath bomb into the water.  It instantly started foaming up and fizzing around and tiny chunks of coca butter were released and then dissolved into the water.  

  • This bath bomb made the bath water feel silky, like I could rub it in between my fingers.
  • When got out of the tub it felt like I had literally bathed in body lotion.
  • The scent is heavenly. Vanilla bliss.

  • My only dislike is that I didn't buy more than one!

This bath bomb was exactly the pick me up I needed and I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about it.  My skin drank up the moisture and it was so relaxing to soak in the silky scented water.  What's even better is the next morning my skin still felt moisturized... Even my boyfriend noticed and that is saying something.  

What's your favorite Lush bath bomb?

Thursday, 1 May 2014

MAC Playland Collection

I feel like I always say this... but I really wasn't planning on buying anything from MAC's most recent Playland collection!  This is because even though I  like bright colors some of the neons weren't exactly for me (yellow lipstick?? not quite there yet) buuuuut  as usual I got sucked in by the bright lights, loud music, and pretty colors and found myself hopping aboard the Playland train.  I find with bold limited edition collections like these I am almost always drawn to the lipsticks (maybe they're the safe choice), which is why I picked out two amplified lipsticks while shopping. I just know I will get way more wear out of a florescent lipstick then any neon pigments or pencils.     

 "Welcome to MAC Playland, a funtastical wonderland of enchantment and delight. Luscious shades of Lipstick and Lipglass liven lips in playful pinks, brilliant purples, and bright corals.  Tease and toy around with a carousel of Casual Color pots in neon orange and hot pink, to stand out bright as balloons in a blue spring sky.  Pigments and Chromographic Pencil add a cotton-candy cascase of color to this season's stylish, fun-packed fantasty."
Toying Around (left) Happy- Go- Lucky (right)

Toying Around:
Amplified finish.  "Hot coral pink."
Can you say coral?  If you're not quite ready for full blown orange lips then this is the color for you.  It is the perfect balance beween pink, orange, and red; not to mention perfect for summer.   

Happy- Go- Lucky: 
Amplified finish.  "Hot pink."
This color is everything.  The color itself is really similar to Candy Yum Yum but with a creamy amplified finish (opposed to full blown matte) which, in my opinion, makes it more wearable. I'm still on the fence about whether or not it suits me per say but I decided to pick it up anyway to play around with it and make up my mind up once and for all about such obnoxious blue- based pinks.

These are my first Amplified lipsticks from MAC and I must say that I love this finish.  When you first apply them they are so creamy and so comfortable, but as they set, they dry to a long wearing matte finish.  I didn't use a lip liner, even though it was recommended to me in store and I noticed they didn't bleed as much as some of the other reds, and purples in my collection.  I wore Happy- Go- Lucky during a 6 hour shift and I touched it up once, more so for fun then necessity.

Toying Around (left) Happy- Go- Lucky (right)
While I was swatching in store I had a hard time chosing between Happy- Go- Lucky and Red Balloon which was a beautiful pinky red (or "hot fuschia" on the MAC website).  Since Red Balloon was the safe choice for me I decided to go for Happy- Go- Lucky because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit... this being said, I might have to go back for Red Balloon as well.

Did you pick up anything from the Playland collection or did you pass?
Happy May!