Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lets talk about ZPalettes!

Recently, I did a blog post about my Makeup Geek eye shadows and had them pictured beautifully lined up in a MAC 15 pan palette.  I had said "make sure to stay tuned for a DIY on how to magnetize and organize your palette!"  ...  but I lied.

That's not to say I didn't try to make it happen, I really did- I went to Michael's and bought a sheet of small adhesive magnet squares and when I got home they were too big for the back of the pans (first red flag).  So I cut them down to fit, stuck them on the back of the pans, and popped them into my MAC palette insert aaaaand they did not stick at all.  I was so disappointed!  Even without the insert the magnets barely adhered to the MAC palette itself so instead of going back and trying to find different magnets or placing an order on EBay just to repeat the process I gave up and starting looking into ZPalettes- the "ultimate customizable makeup palette" 

First Thoughts: I hate to say it but the reason I didn't opt for a ZPalette in the first place is because I thought that ZPalettes looked.... cheap.  They are made from recyclable material (so essentially cardboard) and have a hard plastic window.  This being said they come in different patterns and colors ranging from flat black, to hot pink and cheetah print so there really is a style for everyone.  And once I saw them in person I found the "cardboard" they're made of is really durable and high quality; what's even better is that they are not limited to any one product; each palette comes with round metal stickers that you can apply to any product that doesn't come in a magnetic pan.  

Since I am the kind of person who would rather buy things in person in then take a chance and order online- it was lucky for me that I was going to Vancouver for the weekend and there happens to be a small retailer downtown on Robson St.  So I found it- and managed to track down the palettes in person! I bought 1 large to fit all my shadows (with room to grow) and 1 small to travel with (so I can pick out a few, pop them in, and take with me on the go)  As an added bonus everything in that store was 20% off that day!  If you don't have a ZPalette retailer anywhere near you (find all international retailers here) you can purchase them online from the Makeup Geek website and also from

From looking online I had originally planned to buy a black large palette and a hot pink travel one, however since the store I went to had such limited selection I ended up with just the opposite. Let me say... this is so much better than trying to magnetize your MAC palettes.  Don't get me wrong, if you are a DIY Queen and have the skills and tools to do so please do! But in my experience it was too much of a hassle and honestly a let down! My mum always says "work smarter, not harder."

Final Thoughts: Despite my first impression, I learned that these are really high quality palettes! For the purposes of Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans I recommend using a ZPalette over a MAC palette. The MUG pans adhere securely and safely.  Seven fit across the large size palette, and three across in the small palette.  I seriously don't know why I wasn't into magnetic palettes earlier because the convenience level is seriously top notch. Even though ZPalettes do cost a little more initially after I bought $7 magnets (that didn't even work out) they ended up being par with the MAC Pro.  This is why I recommend saving the trip to the craft or dollar store and the work of magnetizing each individual pan and just buying the ZPalettes in the first place!  Obviously for the purpose of MAC products (eyeshadows and blush) using a MAC palette is the way to go.

Direct Comparisons:
Hard black plastic
Recycled materials
Available in a variety of colors and patterns
2 pan w/ insert:  $6
4 pan w/ insert:  $10
15 pan w/insert: $12
Small:       $14
Medium: $17
Large:       $20
Pro:          $25
X-Large:   $28

What products do you keep in your custom palette?  

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  1. I got a large domed zpalette that I used to depot all my Milani baked blushes and I love it. It has saved me so much space.

    1. Oh I'm jealous. I can't get Milani where I live! I hear so much about the baked brushes.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. So funny, I was wondering about the Z palettes. I was just on the MUG site yesterday perusing the shadow colors. I am definitely getting some! This was so helpful!

    1. They're perfect; I love the hot pink! I'm so happy I bought mine.
      Happy you found it helpful :-)

  3. I may just have to try these! Have been looking for a place to put all mac eye shadows, thank you x
    Bean's Beauty Blog

  4. what a nice palette the pink one is cute! lovely lots of love

    1. I'm so happy I didn't just get two black ones, I love the pink too!

  5. I love my Z-Palettes! I have 3 large black ones for eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks :) ♥

    1. Beautiful! They save so much space. Thanks for reading!