Thursday, 1 May 2014

MAC Playland Collection

I feel like I always say this... but I really wasn't planning on buying anything from MAC's most recent Playland collection!  This is because even though I  like bright colors some of the neons weren't exactly for me (yellow lipstick?? not quite there yet) buuuuut  as usual I got sucked in by the bright lights, loud music, and pretty colors and found myself hopping aboard the Playland train.  I find with bold limited edition collections like these I am almost always drawn to the lipsticks (maybe they're the safe choice), which is why I picked out two amplified lipsticks while shopping. I just know I will get way more wear out of a florescent lipstick then any neon pigments or pencils.     

 "Welcome to MAC Playland, a funtastical wonderland of enchantment and delight. Luscious shades of Lipstick and Lipglass liven lips in playful pinks, brilliant purples, and bright corals.  Tease and toy around with a carousel of Casual Color pots in neon orange and hot pink, to stand out bright as balloons in a blue spring sky.  Pigments and Chromographic Pencil add a cotton-candy cascase of color to this season's stylish, fun-packed fantasty."
Toying Around (left) Happy- Go- Lucky (right)

Toying Around:
Amplified finish.  "Hot coral pink."
Can you say coral?  If you're not quite ready for full blown orange lips then this is the color for you.  It is the perfect balance beween pink, orange, and red; not to mention perfect for summer.   

Happy- Go- Lucky: 
Amplified finish.  "Hot pink."
This color is everything.  The color itself is really similar to Candy Yum Yum but with a creamy amplified finish (opposed to full blown matte) which, in my opinion, makes it more wearable. I'm still on the fence about whether or not it suits me per say but I decided to pick it up anyway to play around with it and make up my mind up once and for all about such obnoxious blue- based pinks.

These are my first Amplified lipsticks from MAC and I must say that I love this finish.  When you first apply them they are so creamy and so comfortable, but as they set, they dry to a long wearing matte finish.  I didn't use a lip liner, even though it was recommended to me in store and I noticed they didn't bleed as much as some of the other reds, and purples in my collection.  I wore Happy- Go- Lucky during a 6 hour shift and I touched it up once, more so for fun then necessity.

Toying Around (left) Happy- Go- Lucky (right)
While I was swatching in store I had a hard time chosing between Happy- Go- Lucky and Red Balloon which was a beautiful pinky red (or "hot fuschia" on the MAC website).  Since Red Balloon was the safe choice for me I decided to go for Happy- Go- Lucky because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit... this being said, I might have to go back for Red Balloon as well.

Did you pick up anything from the Playland collection or did you pass?
Happy May!


  1. How hadn't I heard of this collection before? I've only just finished hauling the Alluring Aquatics collection haha... Those lipsticks look gorgeous and I've never tried an Amplified finish before so might have to pick one up!
    Sally xx

    1. I'm loving the amplified finish- and I love the packaging of the Alluring Aquatics!! I'm yet to look into it though!! Thanks for reading.

  2. That red looks a lot like their Ruby Woo shade, is it more pink in real life? x

    1. It's nothing like Ruby Woo! It's very orange in some lights and pink in others. A true coral :-)
      Thanks for reading.
      Xo, D.

  3. I haven't heard of this collection before discovering your blog :) Yellow lipstick, wutttt?! haha!
    LOVE the shades you chose though :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  4. I've never bought anything from Mac but the swatches of the lipsticks are so beautiful! I think I may have to make a purchase!x