Monday, 26 May 2014

Color Your Smile Lipgloss Bouquet {Review}

Recently Jaclyn Hill teamed up with cosmetic company Whitening Lightening to create the "perfect rose gloss" which she appropriately named Rose Hill. When she announced that it was available online, I had another fan girl moment (much like when I ordered her Sigma brush kit) where I paused the video, and instantly placed an order.

You can order Jaclyn's gloss on it's own, or order a bundle for a discounted price.  I chose the "lip gloss bouquet" which features Rose Hill along with three other of Jaclyn's favorite lipglosses from the Color Your Smile line.  It was only $11 more to get the four gloss bundle than it would be for me to order just Rose Hill and Nude (another gloss I was interested in).    

Left to right: Pink Tiara, Nude, Coral Craze, Rose Hill

Jaclyn Hill Lip Gloss Bouquet:
Rose Hill: "Jaclyn’s perfect rose gloss"
This is definitely one of my favorites in the bouquet.  It's the perfect balance between warm pink and red.  I like to wear it when I'm out and about because it gives a nice flush of color without being too much of a bold red for day time.    

Pink Tiara: "a sophisticated and sultry baby pink"
Pink Tiara is the only gloss in the collection I'm a little unsure about.  It's a very pale, blue based pink which I usually steer far away from.  This being said, since it's a gloss it seems to be more wearable than an opaque lipstick.  Karen, from KPsays, describes it as a "pepto bismol pink" which is a spot on color description, but hopefully I will find a way to make it work this summer!

Coral Craze: "a sun-drenched peachy nude"
I'm so excited to wear this over my favorite "Coral Bliss" lipstick from MAC.  It's one of those beautiful peachy pink corals that is perfect for this time of year.  I find with my warm complexion that corals suit me better than most pinks.  This gloss was a definite win.

Nude: "a timeless and flawless nude that is a must in every collection."
I've wanted to order this color for a long time so I was excited that it was included in this package.  This nude gloss is talked about so much on YouTube and I now know why.  It's so versatile and wears well on its own, or over almost any lipstick. I also like to wear this layered with Rose Hill for more of a muted rosey lip.

"Our fresh and fun lighted lip gloss has created quite the buzz. COLOR YOUR SMILE Gloss is a highly-pigmented velvety smooth formulation that contains collagen peptides to boost moisture and fullness for the perfect pout. Infused with anti-aging ingredients, this innovation is a luxurious lip product that will make its way into your everyday makeup routine."

Formula/ Pigmentation:
The formula of these glosses is so creamy.  It's comfortable and moisturizing which makes them easy to wear for long periods of time. The pigmentation of these glosses is unreal too.  Each swatch below was completely opaque after just two swipes of the applicator.

Left to right: Rose Hill, Pink Tiara, Coral Craze, Nude

Lasting Power:
The longevity of these glosses is another thing I was really impressed with.  I find they last on my lips for around 2 hours before I need to retouch them.

They have a weird "unscented" scent.  They definitely don't smell good, but they don't exactly smell bad... if you know what I mean.

You either love it, or you hate it.  I personally think it's a bit gimmicky. Each gloss has an LED light that turns on every time open it, and a mirror on the side of the square tube.  I will admit, the mirror is handy but I find the light makes it hard to see how much product you're applying.  They say  "our LED light and mirror make it the perfect purse companion for touch ups on an evening out."  However, on the average afternoon out, I really don't have a need for an light up LED lipgloss.  

Online each gloss retails for $24.00, or you can purchase bundles.  Mine was the Jaclyn Hill lipgloss bouquet which cost $59 for four glosses.  But there are a few other bundles also available on the website.  Whitening Lightening constantly has coupon codes offering site wide discounts on their products, so make sure if you place an order you don't pay full price!  If you follow them on Instagram they are always sharing their latest coupon codes that give you discounts ranging from 10-25% off so make sure you take advantage of them!

  • Creamy comfortable formula
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Cute mirror
  • Staying power

  • I really wish the LED light had the option to turn off 
  • Despite my 25% off discount code, these glosses turned out to be more expensive than I expected.  Shipping to Canada was $9.50, and then I also had to pay custom charges when I received my package (another $15.75) 

What I love most about all of these glosses is the quality of the formula.  Between the texture, pigmentation, and longevity you seriously can't go wrong.  However, the light does bug me (I think it's a little tacky) and when I had to pay an additional $15 when I received my package you could say I was a little less than excited.  This is why I probably won't be purchase anything from the Whitening Lightening site in the near future, but overall I am very happy with my lip gloss bouquet.

Have you tried the Color Your Smile lip glosses or any other Whitening Lightening products? 
I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. I've seen a couple of reviews of these, but these swatches are just fab! The formula looks delicious, and I love every single shade! Fab review Dani :) xo

  2. I'm glad you agree with my "Pepto Bismol pink" description! Yikes! I think the light is annoying too. I wish it had an off switch as well. It is hard to see how much you're putting on! Unless you at da club and it be dark!!! Ouch on the extra money you had to pay. I swear, you Canadians are taxed out the wa-zoo! Great review!!! I love Rose Hill!

    1. Hahah "da club," so funny.
      Yeah, I was so disappointed when I had to pay custom charges, a lot of companies do tax free shipping so it was a surprise for sure. Plus the original charge was converted to Canadian dollars on my Visa so my $54 order jumped to $61CDN and then another $15 on top of that... I really got no deal at all in the end.
      Out of them all I think Nude is my favorite, I've been wearing it alot!!
      Thanks for your comment Karen!

  3. I've never tried anything from Whitening Lightening but I do want to try some of their teeth whitening prodcuts.

    1. I'd be curious to try them too! I'm nervous about teeth whitening products though; in fear of they'll make my teeth sensitive!