Thursday, 3 July 2014

Soft & Natural with Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow trends are always changing and right now everybody wants those bold, thick brows Cara Delevingne brows...  Which I do not have!  Naturally I have very sparse, fine, blonde brows, and day to day when I'm headed to school or work I don't exactly want to bring the drama.  This is why when filling in my brows and prefer a much more natural look, just to add some depth and a little shape.

Products Used
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown
MAC 266 Small Angled Brush

One Bare brows
Two Using the spooly end of the Brow Wiz I first comb through my brows to ensure the hairs are all pointing in the right direction.  I then underline the bottom edge of my brow and completely fill in the tail extending it sightly past where my natural brow ends, creating more of a point (left brow completed, right brow naked)
Three Then taking the darkest shade in the Brow Powder Duo on my MAC 266 I start at the tail and work the product through my brow completely filling it and stopping just slightly before the inner corner of the brow.  Using whatever product is remaining on the brush and a small amount of the lighter shade I turn the brush width ways and lightly fill the inner corner, dragging it into the center blending the two shades together.  Using the Brow Wiz spooly I comb through them again to blend the powders once more (left brow completed, right brow naked)
Four Both brows completed.  I used Strange from the Naked3 palette as a brown highlight.  Using a highlight under the brow instantly lifts them and gives the illusion of a higher arch.  An optional fourth step is running some clear or tinted brow gel through to keep them in place.  I sometimes do and sometimes don't.

Filling both brows and completing this whole routine takes me about two minutes in the morning.  As you can see, the final result is still a very natural brow but I find that the little extra effort goes a long way!  If I'm wanting a bolder look for whatever reason, I will use the Brow Wiz to fill in my entire brow and fill the inner corner with the darker powder.

Which do you prefer? Soft or bold brows?
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  1. I love this! I have naturally thick brows, and a lot of the brow products made today are tapered to those less blessed. This post really made me want to try the brow wiz. Seems like the perfect product for grooming the brows on for an everyday look. If you have a review on the brow wiz could you link? Or maybe do one? Thanks! <3

    1. The brow wiz is great for thicker brows and what I use on my sister (who has much darker thicker hair) when I fill her brows. Because it's such a fine tipped pencil you can use little hair like strokes to create that natural day-to-day look. I definitely recommend it! I don't have a review but it's definitely something I could work on!
      Thanks for reading!!

  2. I'm obsessed with Anastasia's products! I can't live without my brow wiz now. I love your step by step photos, you have lovely natural brows.


    1. They're great! I can't believe I went so long without.
      Thank you Dani!

  3. My brows are Anastasia all the way!!!! You have beautiful eyes, young lady!

  4. Wow your brows look lovely like this! I'm always looking for new brow make-up etc to try so definitely going to give this a go :)

    Your brows look so lovely and natural!

    Hazel Jane x

    1. Thank you Hazel! Let me know what you think if you try it!

  5. Your brows are a lovely shape:) been wanting to try out Anastasia's brow products for sooo long!
    love that your picture shows how it enhances the look whilst still keeping them looking natural! definitely going to be trying this out!

    tash xx

    1. Thanks you so much! I hesitated a long time before I finally got all the brow products I needed/wanted but am so happy now that I have found a routine that works for me!
      Thanks for reading!

  6. Your brow game is so strong! Love the look that you've put together, bold but natural, amazing.
    xoxo Precious Wonders