Monday, 30 June 2014

MAC Pedro Lourenço Collection

It seems that lately MAC has been releasing collection after collection; its almost impossible to keep up!  The most recent being Moody Blooms (available online now), MAC Lorde, and of course the Osbournes. But before the much anticipated "Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collection" the Pedro Lourenço collection was released online.  Although the majority of the collection is sold out there are still a few select items available online, including one of the lipsticks featured below and a few nail lacquers.  The collection has an old Hollywood feel with beautiful shimmering nudes, and bold reds.  Since red is my go to evening lip color; both for an evening out and work I chose two out of the three red lipsticks available... but now I wish I had opted for all three!

The packaging in this collection is absolutely stunning.  The lipstick is encased in black rubberised bullets (very similar to the iconic NARS packaging) with beautiful deep gold accents; even inside the boxes!  They're sleek but not flashy.  I may even prefer it over the Alluring Aquatic packaging *gasp*

Ruby: "A midtone blue red"   This lipstick is what I consider to be a true red and I think every woman needs at least one red like this in their collection.  It looks beautiful paired with a neutral eye, bold lashes and liner.  This is the only lipstick from the collection still available for order!

Roxo: "Deep red"  This shade is a deep berry red; comparable to Diva.  It, along with the four other lipsticks released, is an amplified finish; my fav!

I adore both of these shades, but I regret not purchasing "True Red" from the collection before it sold out.  It was a beautiful orange toned red very similar to Lady Danger but with that creamy amplified finish I love too much.  Personally, I would chose an amplified lipstick over a matte any day.

Ruby (left) Roxo (right)

Did you manage to get any of the beautiful pieces in the Pedro Lourenco collection? 
What other MAC collections have you been drooling over lately?

Photos inspired by: Julia's Allure; she always has the most beautiful lip swatches

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  1. These were sold out online & weren't in either of my local MAC stores, so gutted! The packaging is to die for, its so classy and beautiful this is by far my favourite collection by MAC and the fact all the lipsticks are an amplified finish and there is a red is just truly amaaaazing !! xxx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. It really is! I'm sorry you missed out! I don't know if they were in stores or maybe only a select few because they definitely weren't available here. I wish I had picked up the "True Red" shade when I had the chance because I've been wanting Lady Danger but I don't always like a matte lippie!

  2. I didnt even know this collection existed! Ahh Im going to look into this right now.

    1. Thanks Kierra! Hopefully you have some luck!

  3. I am in love with the photos you took of these lipsticks!! They look so luxurious. If I didn't already own Diva, I would have totally picked up Roxo!

    Swatching Oddity | Beauty Blog

  4. Just got Ruby from my Nordies order! Haven't tried it yet. Would love to see them on you! Your photos are gorgeous!!! Good job!!!