Monday, 16 June 2014

Coco and Lulu by Cake {Spring Collection}

A few months back I discovered a great nail lacquer (perhaps the greatest)... in Chapters of all places.  I had never seen or heard of them before so after some quick Google magic I found it was created exclusively for Chapters by Canadian beauty brand Cake (woo hoo!) I had bought the shade Ma Belle, and after falling in love with both the color and the formula I ordered three more online from their most recent collection.  The collection available now is very Spring inspired with a selection of pastel colors; I chose a mint green in Call me L8R, a bubble gum pink in Omg I Love This Color, and a popcorn yellow in What RU Wearing?  How cute are those names?!

Side note: I always thought the best job in the world would be create cute names for beauty products.

OMG I Love This Color, Call Me L8R, What RU Wearing?

I am loving all three of these colors just as much as the first polish I bought; although they don't seem to be as long lasting as Ma Belle (which has more of a glossy finish)  These springtime colors have very creamy opaque color and last around two days before they begin to chip from everyday wear and tear.  

OMG I Love This Color:  I think I have every shade of pink in my small nail polish collection, and yet this color is unique.  It is a  very cool toned pink with lilac undertones.  While it's a beautiful bright color it's still pastel enough to be wearable on my fingernails (I like to chose brighter colors for my toes, while keeping it subtle on my hands)  

Call Me L8R:  Speaking of pedicures... I've been wearing this color on my toes every since I bought it!  It reminds me of colors that Essie has in their collection, like Mint Candy Apple and still I don't know how to describe it.  It's a beautiful creamy blue-y green minted color.  I get tons of compliments on it when I'm wearing sandals, and it looks beautiful with gold accents. 

What RU Wearing?: 
Once again, I can say that this polish is unlike anything I own. It's a buttery, ivory, creamy delicious yellow (my color descriptions are terrible today!)  It looks fantastic on my fingernails, especiall with a tan, and is a fun twist on a "nude" nail.  Once again, gold polishes and jewelry compliment this color beautifully.

Coco and Lulu polishes are quickly becoming my favorite formula.  In the past I've always had trouble applying lighter pastel polishes like these but these three give me no trouble and become completely opaque and smooth after two coats. Although they are more of a splurge; retailing for $8.50 each, I believe they're worth every penny.

Another note is that when you place an order from the Chapters website is you can ship to your local store for free and they will email you when your items are available for pickup. Shipping to store is a great option, especially if you're trying to save some $$$, but you can always chose to ship to your home if you'd prefer.

What do you think of these additions to my quickly growing Coco and Lulu collection? 
Have you entered my Coco and Lulu giveaway?!  Win your own bottle of Ma Belle here

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  1. I love these colours they look just like ice cream.


    1. They do!! When they're all together they also remind me of Easter eggs!

  2. Oh, you've been watching too many Jaclyn videos! Your descriptions sound like hers! ;) That blue-y color? Very Tiffany blue. You're welcome. Very gorgeous colors! I hope I win your giveaway!!!

    1. Hahah, so creamy! So buttery! I Thanks KP ;-)

  3. I've always loved finding out nail polish names! It would be such a fun job to name nail polishes for a loving. Have you ever heard of Pretty Please Nail Polish? They have 25 different shades of polish and you can name the bottle/color yourself to create a custom nail polish. I'm currently obsessed with them and am brainstorming ideas for nail polish names. Dreams do come true! Lol


    1. No way, that's such a great idea!! I'm definitely going to look into it, thanks for the info!!!