Thursday, 19 June 2014

Back2MAC {Diva Matte Lipstick}

Who doesn't love hearing the term "free lipstick"?
No seriously! When all you have to do is hoard your empty packaging for a while? Count me in.

As "cliche" as some may think, MAC is one of my favorite makeup brands.  They have what seems like unlimited selections of finishes, products, colors, and collections.  It was the first place I went when I wanted to splurge on some nice products and to this day some of their products are my go-to, ride-or-die favorites.  

It seems like it takes forever to hit pan on those beloved eye shadows and blushes, but when you do make sure to save them.  MAC has a recycling program where you can return any six empty packages and exchange them at any MAC counter for a lipstick, or online/ in any store for a lipstick, lipglass, or eye shadow.  The only items excluded from exchange are pencils that you sharpen, and the eye shadow/ blush refill tins.  But if you use MAC brush cleaner, or eye makeup remover save those bottles too!

Look for the Back2MAC stamp on returnable items

Just last week I was lucky enough to do my second ever Back2MAC exchange!  And thanks to my mum gifting me all her stored up empties I'm only one empty away from my third.  This time around I chose Diva, an "intense reddish burgundy" with a matte finish.  Admittedly, it is more of a fall appropriate color than summer but I'm so in love with it- and we all need to break the rules every once in a while.  

And how great is it to bring in a bunch of garbage, and get a free lipstick?
Pretty damn great.

What lipstick would you pick for a free Back2MAC exchange? 
I have my eyes on Lady Danger or maybe Heroine for next time.

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  1. O man that is a gorgeous looking lipstick! I don't care what season it is, I'd be rocking that:)!

    1. Haha you and me both! Thanks for reading Kate :-)

  2. I always wondered how it worked saving empties with mac & now I'm in the know, it's a such a great idea!
    I also love the colour you picked, and I probably would've picked the darker shade during summer...I'm instantly drawn to them hehe.

    -sarah xo

    1. I agree, I'm more inclined to buy a product when I know I can trade it in for something else when it's finished! Make sure you save them all!!
      Thanks for reading Sarah!