Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coco and Lulu by Cake {Review}

Where have you been all my life?

I stumbled across this nail lacquer in Chapters of all places and had to pick it up because of both the bright color and the cute bottle (of course).  When I went to check out with my polish and a few other items the cashier commented on how much she loved the line... and before I paid another employee walked by and commented "Oh! Great polish!" So I knew I was on to something good.  

The shade I picked up in Ma Belle, a true fuchsia.

2 coats of Ma Belle Nail Lacquer
I googled the product when I got home and I found out that Cake is a Canadian beauty brand (go Canada) that teamed up with Chapters/ Indigo to create an exclusive line of polishes that are on trend each season.  Now that I've found them I'm actually disappointed that I missed out on their winter collection because they are still pictured on the Chapters website.  They look fabulous but are all "Out of Stock". Wah.  Teasing me.  

Claims: "Specially formulated for a long-lasting, high gloss finish and free of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. 0.5ml/0.5 fl.oz."
Finish: Glossy
Lasting Power: About two days of chip-free wear and then another 3 days with minor chips. 
Packaging: Perfection.The glass bottle is substantial and sleek.  It looks beautiful displayed on top of a vanity.
Price/Availability: $8.50CDN both in stores and online.  

How I Used It:
I first applied OPI Nail Envy, which is technically a nail strengthener and not a base coat but I use it as one anyway. Then the first coat of Ma Belle was a little underwhelming however once I applied a second coat the color deepened beautifully.  I skipped applying a top coat because I don't actually have one at the moment!  If anyone knows of a great one, please leave any recommendations down below. 

  • Bright pigmentation 
  • Smooth formula
  • Buildable color
  • Beautiful finish
  • Cute packaging and label

  • Limited shades in store!  It's hit or miss if you're going to find them in stock but online they've just released their Spring line which 6 colors.  I've ordered Call  Me L8R that is described as an aqua green (but looks to me as more of a minty blue) and OMG I Love This Color which is a bubblegum pink.

Even though I was somewhat disappointed after the first coat I know this color will be well loved this Spring/Summer. It's the perfect neon fuchsia, which isn't something I would normally wear on my hands but is everything I could ever want in a pedicure.  The formula applies smoothly and easily, and like I said before the bottle is so cute.  I own a lot of Nicole by OPI polishes and the application and formula of Coco and Lulu trumps them without a doubt.   

Have you tried Coco and Lulu or Cake before? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I didn't know about these nail polishes, but that is just a gorgeousssss color!!!

    1. You really should check out the rest of the line online because they are all gorgeous!
      Thanks for reading!
      xo, D.

  2. Wow, what a vibrant shade of polish. I'd wear this on my toes in the summer for sure. Love it.

    1. Right?! I'm very pleased
      Thanks for reading!
      xo, D.

  3. Such a gorgeous colour, so jealous!!

    Chloe / x

  4. That pink varnish is one of the prettiest I have seen!

  5. That colour is sure divine, but you have the most beautiful hands and nails, you should model!!!! :-O


  6. don't usually do pink nail polishes but this is incredible!! x