Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lip Duos! {Tag}

 A few weeks ago on Instagram I did my first ever photo challenge! It was created by @ahxo0209 and simply asks you to pick a different pair of lipgloss/ lipsticks everyday for a week! I loved that it challenged me to dig through my lipsticks to find/ rediscover some beautiful combos.

I thought it would be fun to do a recap and include swatches of each of my picks from the week as well as a swatch of them layered together! 

Day One: Nude
In the past I haven't been very comfortable with nude lips- but I finally found something that works with my olive skin tone.  MAC's Naked Bud is a lustre finish neutral that is easy and comfortable to wear.  MAC Nymphette layered on top gives it a pinkier- golden sheen.  Both of these swatches photographed a little oranger than they appear in person.  I consider them to be peach-y. 

Left to right: MAC Naked Bud, MAC Nymphette, both layered

This being said I usually prefer a darker nude! Revlon Sultry is a beautiful rosey- brown "my lips but better" color that when paired with NYX Tiramisu butter gloss (another perfect my lips but better color) creates an amazing day time color suitable for class, work, running errands, and everything else in between.  Tiramisu is one of those glosses that is just an all around star- it pairs well with almost every peach, pink, brown, and nude lip color in my collection.

Revlon Sultry, NYX Tiramisu, both layered

Day Two: Light Pink
Light pink is a little out of my comfort zone but this lip duo is perfection.  MAC Fabby has a frosted finish that the MAC website describes as a mauve. However, I feel like its a true golden- pink.  It's almost Nymphette in lipstick form (although that doesn't really translate in these photos).  I usually layer it with Revlon's Color Stay lipgloss is Crystal Lilac.  This color is so unique- a light pink with tiny purple micro shimmer within it that catches in the light.  

Mac Fabby, Revlon Crystal Lilac, layered

Day Three: Coral/ Orange
MAC Coral Bliss is one of my favorite lipsticks, it's the perfect balance between coral and pink.  For the purposes of my Instagram photos I paired it with my well loved Arbonne lipgloss in Posh, which pulls out the pink undertones.  But after I posted the photo I stumbled across my Maybelline Color Elixir Gloss in Breaktaking Apricot, which looks very pink when swatched alone however when layered with Coral Bliss they create a true coral color.

MAC Coral Bliss, Arbonne Posh, layered, Maybelline Breathtaking Apricot, layered with Coral Bliss

Day Four: Bright Pink
I included a lip swatch of MAC Pink Nouveau on my Instagram so I really felt like this Elizabeth Arden gloss deserved the spot light.  It brightens any lipstick and is gorgeous all on its own (which is not something I say about many glosses).

Elizabeth Arden Pink Pout

Day Five: Red
I talked about these two colors recently in my "Secret to Long Wearing Comfortable Red Lips" post so you won't be surprised about why I chose to include them in this tag. They're my favorites! Both are blue based reds. Rihanna's Viva Glam is frost finish and Viva Glam I is matte. 

MAC Rihanna Viva Glam, MAC Viva Glam I

Day Six: Purple/ Berry
Shameless is perfect on it's own.  It does tend to bleed so I usually line my lips with MAC Currant lipliner.  For the odd time I want to pair it with a gloss I found two options for two different looks.  Revlon's Sugar Violet isn't very pigmented on your lips therefore it gives a beautiful sparkle and shine without altering the color beneath it drastically.  My other gloss is Maybelline's Color Elixir Raspberry Rhapsody which lightens Shameless and pulls out fuchsia tones in the color.  

Revlon Shameless, Revlon Sugar Violet, layered, Maybelline Raspberry Rhapsody, layered with Shameless

Day Seven: Your Most Unique Color
Finally, my most unique color.  I love these matte lip crayons by Bite Beauty (I feel like I've said that about every product I've mentioned).  The shade Grape is a violet shade but in the right light or layered with the right lipstick or gloss is can be such a pretty pinky-purple.  I mentioned on Instagram that I don't usually pair this with a gloss- but if I were going to Sugar Violet plays with the pink undertones in Grape and adds a beautiful sparkle.

Bite Beauty Grape, Revlon Sugar Violet, layered
What are your favorite lip duos? Leave a comment down below or tag me on Instagram!



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  2. Dani I'm loving all of your picks, your post is a feast for my eyes!!! *_*
    I'm going to do Ashleigh's tag soon too :-*

    1. You should! Feels good to sort through all the lipsticks and find your favorites.

    2. I have just done the tag!! And I have included you even if I can't tag you anymore because you have already done it ;-)


  3. This is such a great post idea :) I love the purples! <3

    The Oxford Owl

    1. Purple is my favorite too! Thanks for reading!