Tuesday, 4 March 2014

8 Useful Ways to Reuse Sample Pots

Talking about depotting lipstick last week got me thinking about other ways that you could reuse little jars you get from Sephora, MAC, or any other cosmetic counter.  When I have used all the product I always clean mine out using water, makeup remover and a Q-tip, then I reuse them for a variety of different things.  

  1. Get more use out of those "single use" foil packets:  this is my favorite way to recycle sample pots.  Often times when you get a foil sample there is enough product for more than just a single use but after opening it it just gets thrown away. Transfer the remaining product into a small jar and you'll be able to prevent it from drying out before you use it again.  I did this with the Urban Decay "Primer Potion" samples that came with my Naked3 palette and I've been using them quite regularly since Christmas - there's a lot of product in there! 
  2. Travelling: instead of bringing a whole bottle of concealer or foundation pump the amount you need into a pot- they should hold enough concealer for a week or more and foundation for a weekend.  This will not only free up space in your bag but also make it lighter!
  3. Similar to this, if you're one who likes to carry some makeup with you on-the-go, instead of constantly putting products in/ taking them out of your purse just keep a small pot in there permanently and refill it as you need.  Or, what I like to do is keep small amounts of products at my boyfriends house so whenever I'm over there I don't need to worry about remembering my daily makeup/ skincare products.  
  4. Customizing shades: I love this.  I sometimes mix a liquid highlighter directly into my foundation or concealer so I once again reuse my baby sample pots instead of doing this on the back of my hand and wasting product.  What's great about this is if you're really creative you could mix  lipgloss/ lipstick to customize your look, and you can do the same with loose pigments. 
  5. Speaking of lip products, you can always depot your lipstick!
  6. Make your own samples to share with friends/ family. 
  7. They make great mini pill boxes to stash in your purse, car, or for travel.
  8. And finally, for those DIY Queens out there- they are the perfect container for home-made lip balms!

Is this something you already do? What are the ways you reuse your sample pots?

 Happy Tuesday everybody!

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