Monday, 24 February 2014

Organic Hair Mask: What, How, Why

I have a lot of hair.

And I've dyed it a lot over  the years back and forth from blonde to brunette, pink once. My hair was even gray at one point- but that was an accident and a whole other story.  The point is I'm always looking for ways to keep my hair strong and healthy.  

What has worked for me?
I always always always recommend coconut oil.  
I've tried a lot of different hair masks and deep conditioning treatments but I always seem to come back to this.  I started using coconut oil a few years ago after it was recommended to me by a friend.  She used it for tanning oil (fun fact: coconut oil offers UV protection) but after I looked into a little more I learned that it can be used for so much more.  Not only can you use it in your kitchen as a substitute for butter- but its good for your skin and of course your hair! 

Coconut oil pictured at room temperature (top) and warm (bottom)
How do I use it?
I tend to wash my hair only every third or forth day (dry shampoo is my best friend) so I like to plan ahead. The night before washing I will coat my hair in a generous amount of oil.  It's solid at room temperature so I just scoop out a walnut size portion with a spoon, warm it up in my hands and massage it into my hair starting (and focusing) at the ends and working up. Whatever is left on my hands I'll work into my skin.  Then I braid my hair or twist it into a high knot until the next morning when I wash it out (making sure to shampoo twice!)  It's very greasy- so it's definitely not something you would want to put in clean hair but I promise it works miracles.  I bleached and highlighted my hair every 2-3 months for over a year and it felt so soft, healthy and shiny. I get asked if it leaves stains on my pillow cases and bed sheet and I promise it doesn't! 

Why it works?
Whereas most conditioning treatments just coat the surface of your hair and wash out after your next shampoo. Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate your hair, therefore making it stronger and less susceptible to damage from heat and everyday wear and tear.  This means less breakage and longer, stronger hair!!

Prior to over night coconut oil treatment

Post coconut oil treatment

The best part?
It's easy to find!  You can buy coconut oil at any grocery or healthy food store.  The oil I'm currently using I bought from Naked Naturals for around $15-20CDN. Its called Artisana Raw Coconut Oil and it's lasted forever. 

On a related note- I use "Penetrating Moroccan Argan" oil every single day.  Its  very dry and non-greasy which is great because when my ends are feeling dry I just rub some in and it soaks it right up.

Either one of these oils and your hair will thank you !

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